About-UsKelly’s Family Pharmacy exists simply because Kelly and his wife, Kandi, thought things could be better. With over forty years of pharmacy experience between them, they had seen just about everything when it comes to pharmacy. The growing trend of filling more prescriptions with less and less help in drugstore chains was becoming the norm. Longer wait times for patients was no longer something chains apologized for. Instead, they began to promote it as a way to sell more merchandise.

What about people who just want to get a prescription filled, have an opportunity to ask questions, and have a relationship with their pharmacist? Where do folks go who want to discuss medical or prescription issues with a pharmacist that has the customer’s best interest at heart? Where do those patients go? Well, Kandi and Kelly thought the same thing. So, in 2008, they embarked on a journey that has continued to this day. It’s called Kelly’s Family Pharmacy.

Born from an idea of  trying to make things better and provide a more complete and nostalgic pharmacy experience, Kelly’s Family Pharmacy has continued to grow every year. It seems that Kandi and Kelly weren’t alone in their desire to find a pharmacy environment that was friendly, fast, and easy to deal with. And as long as that need exists, Kelly’s Family Pharmacy will be here taking care of folks.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Meet Our Awesome Team

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