Kelly’s Cash

Kelly’s Cash¬†is a free rewards program that we offer to all our customers¬†that is easy to enjoy. Once a customer joins, all their purchases are entered into our rewards database to accumulate points. For each dollar spent, a point is earned. For every 250 points accumulated, the customer receives a $10 Kelly’s Cash Reward. This $10 can be used on anything in our store. It’s a fun and enjoyable way for Kelly’s Family Pharmacy to give back to our customers who patronize our store.

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Kellys Cash
Kellys Cash

Our MaxCare Program

Our MaxCare Program is a program that we started to help customers who do not have insurance or have prescriptions that are not covered under their individual plans. Many times, customers have to make tough decisions regarding their medications. On the one hand, they know they need the medicine the doctor prescribed. On the other, bills are coming due and groceries need to be bought. So, at times, the bills and groceries take more of the family budget and leave folks without the ability to buy their medications. That’s why we created MaxCare. MaxCare is a FREE prescription savings plan that cuts the cost of most medications by as much as 40%! We offer this program to our customers so that prescriptions that need to be taken can be purchased at a discount. Call or email us for more information!

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