Pills and Wheels – On Time Every Time!

We want to deliver new and refilled medications locally and efficiently within our community. We deliver to homes and offices all over the city of Easley and surrounding areas. For some, this type of service is simple and necessary to accommodate their busy lifestyle. This is a simple concept that allows local residents the opportunity to receive their medications when and where they need it without ever leaving the house But Pills And Wheels is much more than just a delivery service. It is a team comprised of a pharmacist, a national and state certified pharmacy technician, and a delivery team. The goal of this team is to help patients become more compliant and more organized when it comes to taking their medications.

Pills and Wheels
Pills and Wheels

Kelly’s Family Pharmacy

704 Brushy Creek Road Easley, SC 29642
Phone: 864-343-0540 Fax: 864-343-0543

Store Hours

Weekdays: 8a - 6p
Saturday: 9a - 1p

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How it Works

The process starts by an initial visit by our pharmacist who listens to the needs, conflicts, and obstacles that are currently hindering the patient and/or caregiver from compliance and a healthy outcome. Then the Pills And Wheels team prepares a program and compliance packaging system that alleviates the obstacles that are keeping the patient from optimal health. Pills And Wheels packages the appropriate regimen at specific times the patient needs to administer each dose using cold seal technology. This provides the patient/caregiver the ability to have prepackaged monthly medications delivered right to their door. Whether it is an elderly patient, a business man or woman with a busy lifestyle or travel demands, or someone that simply is struggling with their current prescription medications, Pills And Wheels is there to help. After all, Pills And Wheels is just that; a delivery system that brings medication solutions right to your door!

What it Costs

Delivery within the city limits – free  Delivery outside the city  – $2 to $5. Call us to get more information. 864-343-0540

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